We use a structured financial planning process to help bring you clarity, confidence and financial peace of mind. This process focuses on:

An Emotional Check-In A series of questions that will help you identify where you are emotionally in relation to your finances and investments.

A Financial Check-In We’ll help you take a financial inventory, looking at your assets, debts, insurance coverage, and estate documents. The inventory brings you further clarity, and it helps Strategic Wealth Advisors Group’s planners make more educated and appropriate recommendations for you and your family.

Where Are You Trying To Go? This stage of the planning process is about vision and goal setting. You’ll identify what you want financially, then we put a price tag on your financial goals. You and your family have the opportunity to articulate and prioritize your financial goals.

What Will It Take To Get There? This is an action step, in which we establish a plan and implement it so you may work towards achieving your financial goals. We take pride in keeping things simple and explaining this process in a way in which you can understand. When you leave our office you will be able to understand and make sense of what our strategy will be to help work towards accomplishing your goals.

Strategic Wealth Advisors Group, Inc helps individuals and families achieve financial peace of mind. To get started, give us a call today at (586) 203-2275.